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Agent Sniper
17 January
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Hello! My name is Agent Sniper. But you can call me Alex Kawalsky, or just Sniper.
My hobby is iconmaking. And I will post my art in this journal.
Most of my art is related to my obsessions. It is SG-1, SGA, X-files, Matrix, other shows, movies, and my favourite actors.

Feel free to friend this journal if you like my icons and art. :)

And sorry for my English, please.

You can take any icon you want.

If you taking something, please, comment.

Credit Agent_Sniper in any way you want.

>>No Edit<<
Do not edit my icons. If you want to change something - ask me. I will try to help.

>>Do not claim as yours<<
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All my icons are not livejournal only. You can use it anywhere you want. Just credit.


regen 77words amethystia spiritcoda iiokua vsheartbreaker silverqe snow_white awmp silverqe mag0rian elrawien cdg dirtyfootprints ewanism iconographer_ joyfulsong amelia_124 neke hexicons meleada lizabeth0606 blimey_icons domeofstars elrawien iconistas michaellamarch angel13 profoundicons septembericons tcg1026 rubianca x_crystalline unmasked_icons _joni ivyicons xxkuu_chan daisukicons art_dynamite colorfilter fearher weapon_icons dearest ca_pris skyoflove foxxie_kittsune queen_nothin spikesbint Dexterity colortone kittykaticons midnightwhisper shizukuchan fall_out_grrl framedinblood arisubox erniemay hanako_lovely mid_night graphicsbyrovie rythmique inxsomniax meth aconite aethereality kissme_myfool michmellow creamuts bunny_icons ohfreckle roostersgrrl endlessdeep grrliz tove_91 teh_gundu evastefania sceletton winterchaos lil_brokenangel willowtree84 ennife samelthecamel
missykitty0115 Mangoninja xsleepingswanx lookslikerain ianthinae Langedelamusique jessiesquash konkonness Spikesbint fks-graphics koffiekitten KeyMoon StarklingTea unsweet gfxgurl Magelight07 notmaggot asphyxia219 manuelinachan VanillaShimmer spookyzangel Lady-band-Eerin UMBlueMusic jota0stranger tunichtgut

It's a pity, but I don't know all authors of resources I use. If you didn't find your name here, but noted your resource at my art, just let me know. I will add you to my credit list.

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